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Monday, June 24, 2013

How to withdraw your ph.ipanelonline Survey Earning Tutorial

Now that you have successfully created your account with ph.ipanelonlineSurvey and earn corresponding points which will allow you to redeem it on your PayPal, I will now tell you on how to redeem the points that you have incurred.

The process of redeeming your points is very easy, Always remember to check the points you have and make it sure that you have reach at least 200 to proceed to the redemption procedure. I will be sharing some of the easiest steps for you to apply to successfully get your earnings with ph.ipanelonlineSurvey.

Steps in Redeeming your Points thru PayPal

1.Check the number of points you have incurred in which will allow you to withdraw, just simply brows on the “opinions” tab and you will see the available points that you have.

2.Then go to the Redeem tab and choose the corresponding value of points you have equivalent to the amount to be redeemed.

3.Fill in the necessary information needed for you to redeem your ph.ipanelonlineSurvey earnings successfully, you can follow the screen shown below, be sure to type the PayPal email address that you have for you to avoid problems in receiving the funds. Also type the cap cha code correctly or else it will be an error which will lead you back on the process.

4.Upon the successful redemption you will be notified a “successful withdrawal”.

Note: after a successful withdrawal there is no notification send on your email about it, you will just be getting message send by ph.ipanelonlineSurvey telling you that they have send amount of money on your PayPal account.If you don't have Paypal account just sign up below.

After receiving you funds you can do whatever you want on how you will spend you funds, you have the full authority to do whatever you want with the earnings that you got.

But if you don’t have account with them you can still sign up here and follow some simple tricks here which will enable you to earn good amount that will help you with your financial needs 


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